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We pride ourselves in the standard of our work. Our portfolio and client testimonials back this up.

We offer secure and flexible payment options, giving you peace of mind.

We charge less than industry standard, and help those SME'S, Social enterprises and startups that need affordable solutions.

We work on a 1:1 basis, any issues you encounter will be dealt with personally and effectively.

Where It All Started

We saw a clear need for high quality work at a lower price point than the current Irish industry standard. Businesses in Ireland are being exploited to have an Online presence. With Luminary Hub this is no longer the case.


High end design work at a lower price point. A network of Undergraduates who have all the necessary skill but don't demand a high premium is our niche. Our work is bespoke and unique to each customer.


We’re building a network for developers in third level education to join, learn from and contribute. Our skills aren’t set in stone, they are evolving and adapting to the world of technology. Software development plays a small role in our company. We generate media, posters, promo videos and logos. Contact us today, to find out more!




High Quality





Cutting Edge - Machine Learning

 Unrivaled Portfolio

Our extensive list of clients highlights the quality of our work and the network behind it. We work with a range of businesses such as well established SME's, social enterprises, start-ups, Dublin city council and social influencer's.


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Technology is changing rapidly. Our elite network produces high quality content which is then reviewed by our quality control process. Moving forward we're building a system that will use Machine Learning to automate this process, making it seamless.

Driven by Our Network

We're an industry first in Ireland. A network of carefully selected developers, specializing in Web and design work. We aim to fulfill your needs promptly, be it a responsive website or the next big application.

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